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The Egyptian Biosafety Clearing- House

What is the Egyptian Biosafety Clearing- House ?            
The function of the Egyptian Biosafety Clearing- House is to facilitate the exchange of information of living modified organisms (LMOs) and to assist stakeholders in the implementation of the Cartagena protocol on Biosafety.

Biotechnology in Egypt is regulated through a number of departments at the governmental as well as the capital level. In addition, a number of guidelines have been prepared that provide for interpretation and clearer understanding of regulatory requirements.

 The Egyptian Biosafety Clearing- House (EG-BCH) provides access to a wide range of of information to assist governments in the implementation of the Cartegena Protocol, and to facilitate the exchange of scientific, technical, environmental and legal information and experiences relating to LMOs. Users can search the EG-BCH databases for information in in various categories: national contacts, laws and regulations, decision and information ...

In addition to facilitate a general exchange of information, the BCH is established as the only mean through which Parties can provide certain information required under the protocol, including information (provided by Parties) for the advance informed agreement procedures (AIA). The BCH will provide the mechanism by which Parties are informed about final decisions regarding domestic use (including placing on the market) of LMOs that may be subject to trans boundary movement for food, feed use or for processing. This information will be vital for enabling governments to implement the Protocol.


COP14 (The Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity)